1. 2 years ago

    So many changes!

    Well, I’m back. But so so much has changed. And to be honest, I had forgotten about this blogging thing I committed to. Why, you ask? Oh, just…getting pregnant, moving across country, being crazy sick and not eating anything (especially bacon) for months, and living with my in-laws. Yeah, people. This here’s real.

    But I’m coming back to you! Slowly, but surely. As of tomorrow I will be in my third trimester, and (praise GOD) I’m not sick anymore! I have just recently started cooking again. What with barfing nonstop and sharing a kitchen with my husband’s family, it has been a no-go since we got here in October. But now they are on the hCG diet and I’m keeping most of my organs on the inside, it’s relaunch time! Coming soon: my awesome chili recipe. It has chuck roast. It has chocolate. It does NOT have beans. And of course it has bacon. Sweet, sweet bacon.

    I’m excited to be back! And I promise, there is more awesomeness coming. Ceinwen (the first of my spawn) just turned 2! So cupcakes are a-brewin’ and coming soon to a blog near you. And at least one picture of her covered in icing. I mean, come on. Quintessential under 5 birthday picture.

    See you soon!


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    3 years ago

    Dear Tumblr world:

    I’m sorry :(. I haven’t posted in forever because I literally have only been home long enough to sleep. Ministry. The end.

    SO! Today I have a recipe for you. Alas, it is without pictures. But it’s still good.

    Key Lime Pie. Mmmmmmmmmm.

    Remember that friend I made the cakes for? Well, her husband’s birthday was Friday. So more sweets were called for! Is it fair that their birthdays are so close when I show love with baked goods? Not so much. But such is life.

    So key lime pie. I have made this at literally every function since the first time I made it. People beg for it. My secret? It is the easiest thing I have ever made ever.


    1 store-bought graham cracker crust (I KNOW! I’m evil. But it tastes just as good…DON’T JUDGE ME!)

    5 egg yolks

    1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk

    1/2 cup key lime juice.

    Key lime juice can be found lots of places…I get it at King Soopers. Google it.

    Anyways. Literally all you do is mix together the wet ingredients, pour them into the crust, and bake at 350 for about 6-10 minutes. When the center isn’t complete wiggly goo when you shake the rack, she’s about done.

    Here is the most important part! If you don’t make your own whipped cream, DO NOT PUT COOL WHIP ON THIS PIE. Cool whip is the enemy. It is not your friend. It will kill you from the inside out while you sleep.

    Slash it’s just gross. NOT fit for such a pie as this. So if you have to, buy the stuff in the can. Avoid the ‘whip at all costs.

    That’s all for now, more coming soon…hopefully.

  3. 3 years ago


The end.


    The end.

  4. 3 years ago

    Done and done.

    Done and done.

  5. 3 years ago

    All of my wildest dreams have come true!

    If twitter people are tweeps, are blog people bleeps? Well, bleeps (if you ever exist), I have needed an apron for ages and FINALLY got one!

    Pretty much perfect. Couldn’t be happier.

    Have a favorite apron? One on your wishlist? Show me!

  6. 3 years ago

    Party time.

    Well, I started this just in time. Tomorrow is a good friend of mine’s 30th birthday, and I was commissioned to bake. For those (if anyone actually reads this other than my husband) who don’t know, I pleasantly live and painfully bake in the mile high city. Yes, I brave the adventure that is high altitude baking.

    SO: all of these recipes will be tailored to the above 5000 feet crowd. If you want the original, hit me up. I will adjust for you sea level dwellers. Now, on to the adventure.

    Read More

  7. 3 years ago

    Here we go…

    So, in browsing yet another food blog I decided: I’m going to give it a shot. It may be a slow start…I desperately need to go grocery shopping. HOWEVER: this is my first post, so it’s my chance to let you know what this is all about.

    No, there will not be bacon in every post. It is fantastic, but I love my family and I want them to live long lives. I don’t think bacon at every meal will exactly help that. It is more the spirit of bacon that I value than the ingredient itself. The idea of 50’s housewife cooking that ignores all of this hippie vegan health nonsense. Good ol’ fashioned food. Yes, I may choose Nufachel over cream cheese once in a while, but not at the cost of taste. This will be pure, southern, family-feel comfort food.

    …At least that’s the idea. We’ll see what comes out of this blogging business.